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Become a ceramist! 


Ceramic studio

“Become a ceramist!” is a unique chance to experience a creative and extremely charming process from the sensual and emotive point of view. The classes take place at the School of Ceramics of Deruta. The participants will be welcomed in a lecture room to the theoretic part. You will gain the basic knowledge of the history of the ceramic art with a particular reference to the specific styles of the most important centers in Umbria, of the materials and of the process steps. It is an abstract but very effective excursion, which will allow you to understand and appreciate this treasure not only for its daily use but as well for its artistic value.

This introduction will be followed by a practical demonstration of shaping, painting and firing. And now, the big moment comes! It will be you to create your own masterpiece! With the professional help of experienced masters you will finalize a traditional decoration on a fired and glazed surface (a plate or a tile).

After this exciting moment, you can enjoy a visit of the Deruta factory.


After the lesson, all works will be corrected, fired and delivered to the hotel one or two days later.



A class of 4 hours - € 60 per person    

A class of 3 hours - € 45 per person.



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 Hotel Perugia in Vespa

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Hotel Perugia in Vespa

Ceramist for one day!

Let´s learn to paint

The classes take place at the Museum of ceramics of Deruta and have duration of 3 hours.


“Ceramist for one day!” takes you on an exciting journey to a creative process of ceramic decorating: from the analysis and choose of the materials to the painting. Each participant shows his own work to the group: we watch, analyze and discuss over the labors, the chosen subjects and colors and the painting technique. As a nice conclusion of the class you will visit the Ceramic Museum of Deruta, where you will analyze the historic, artistic and contextual aspects of the exponents and come to a dialogue between your own works and the collection of the museum.


Price: € 15 (1/20 participants)

The offer includes a museum ticket and firing of your products. Packaging and delivering of the materials is charged extra.


All prices refer to the calendar year 2011 and can be modified at the moment of confirmation.               

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