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The Perugina School of Chocolate 


A unique place of sweet dreams

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Several groups that stay at our hotel take part in a class at the Perugina Chocolate School. The class is tailored to accommodate men, women, and children who have a passion for chocolate.  After you have mastered the art of chocolate making, you can visit the Historic Perugina Chocolate Museum.  Here, explore the history and industrial and artistic spirit of the great Perugina label.

Toscany and Umbria Hotel


Experience this surprising and fantastic world; follow the genesis of the famous chocolate from its very birth on. Discover the exciting art of chocolate production, taste the perfect harmony of the delicate flavor, learn how to distinguish the different ingredients of chocolate and finally dedicate yourself to the creation of the refined delicacy.

A unique and unforgettable experience!

Your self-made chocolate masterpieces will be the ideal present for your friends back home!

Group classes can be personalized according to experience level.

Toscany and Umbria Hotel

We are certified by the Perugina Chocolate School, which is located fewer than 10 minutes away from the hotel.



   Toscany and Umbria Hotel

The school as well as the museum can be reached from the hotel by car in only five minutes.

Toscany and Umbria Hotel



“Chocolate Master” - 4 hours, price – € 60 per person 

“I Baci Perugina – say it with a kiss” – 3 hours, price - € 45 per person

The size of group classes can range from 14 to a maximum of 29 participants and have to be paid at least 10 days in advance. The school's pricelists can be modified independently. We therefore reserve the right to confirm the specific tariff on demand.

All prices refer to the calendar year 2012 and can be modified at the moment of confirmation.