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Home to the bizarre “Race of the Candles,” Gubbio is an exceptionally well preserved medieval town. 


Piazza Grande and Palazzo dei Consoli: a magnificent example of gothic architecture, the Palazzo dei Consoli is an engineering marvel.  An important document of Umbrian script, the Eugubine Tablets (3rd – 1st century B.C.) is housed here.  These Tablets describe the religious rites and class divisions of the ancient Etruscan people.   

The Church of San Francesco
: erected at the place where the saint received his first frock from the hands of friends.  Inside there is a set of frescoes from the 15th century.   

Dom: situated at the hightest point of the town, this masterpiece of gothic architecture can easily be reached by an elevator.  

San Martino Quarter
: the oldest part of Gubbio.  Here you can enjoy the medieval flair while walking along the Camignano River. 


Basilica di Sant’Ubaldo: on top of Ingino Hill, the church can be reached by bus or cable car.  Inside the basilica are the three candles of the famous “Race of the Candles” as well as the intact body of Sant’Ubaldo, the patron saint of the town.  

The Church of Saint Agostino: a gothic church with several frescoes.  Of particular interest are the frescoes of Ottaviano Nelli and his disciples that depict the life of Saint Augustine.  



Gubbio is well known for its ceramics and lusterware production.  Local ceramists use a traditional decorating technique going back to Giorgio Andreoli.  While you are in Gubbio be sure to taste the truffles and Pecorino sheep cheese.  On May 15th you can participate on the traditional “Race of the Candles” when the three huge candles are carried through the streets up to the Basilica of Sant´Ubaldo.