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 Welcome to Lake Trasimeno

Lake Trasimeno exudes a mythical panorama were sky blue waters converge with green rolling hills.  It is a place where fisherman and ranchers meet to exchange goods, stories, and heritage.  This is an ideal place for your next holiday. 



The gentle green hills of Lake Trasimeno present a fabulous travel destination.  The Etruscan culture flourished on its shores.  The lake set the stage for the battle between the Romans and the victorious Hannibal of Carthage in 217 B.C.  

In medieval times, the lake was known as the “Lake of Perugia.”  This title exemplified its subordination to the powerful city.  The area inspired the famous artist Perugino while creating his brightly-coloured paintings during the Renaissance.  


Passignano – as noticeable by its castle ruins, Passignano is an ancient medieval town.  After taking a relaxing walk through the narrow streets or along the shore promenade you can a ferry boat and visit the nearby island Isola Maggiore.   

Panicale –
the town with the most beautiful view of the lake and its green hills.  The upper part of this medieval municipality preserved its original structure.  Its old palace and small theatre are the pride of the town.  

When purchasing a ticket to the theatre, one also acquires admission to the Church of Saint Sebastian where they can view an amazing fresco of Perugino.  

Città della Pieve – an Etruscan centre.   Settled during the late medieval era, it is the birthplace of Pietro Vannucci.  It was later called Perugino by the Florentines.  








The masterpiece of the great painter is on view at the Oratory of Santa Maria dei Bianchi.  An entrance fee is required. Other works of the great artist are displayed in the dome and other churches. 
Do not miss a walk through one of the narrowest streets in Italy (Vicolo Baciadonne) as well as a visit to the palaces of Palazzo della Corgna, Palazzo della Fargna and the fortress at the town entrance.